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Notes for a Future Naturopathic Practice

Web tool for building forms
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Here you can build forms and then transfer them to your website.
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how to get patients eating better
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36 states have farmer's market nutrition programs
some thru wic
consider offering "prescriptions" for vegetable & fruit consumption to pts
give coupons to farmer's markets

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urine neurotransmitter testing well reimbursed by insurance

Good Source for Botanical Extracts
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based in Seattle

Section 2706 is Good for Naturopaths
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Battle On: MD Specialists Promote Repeal of Non-Discrimination Vs Integrative Practitioners, Others
text only, by John weeks, about the part of the Healthcare bill that is significantly helpful to the profession I am entering, lots about the AMA here, go to the link above for the original with working linksCollapse )

What the Healthcare Reform Bill Means to Naturopathic physicians
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In short, insurance companies cannot summarily exclude naturopaths from reimbursement in states where naturopaths are licensed and operating within the scope of their license. The insurance companies can however limit how many ND's they include, and they can decide whether or not (and how much) to reimburse based on "quality or performance measures" which are not explicit.

Here's an email from Karen Howard, ED of the AANP, breaking down a relevant section of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and its impact on the practice of naturopathic physicians.Collapse )

Marketing: Practice Building Ideas
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Building and Maintaining a Practice
By Sara Thyr, ND
from the AANPCollapse )

The AMA manages the CPT code system
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This is relevant because I think that I would like my medical office to generate a "superbill" so that patients can bill their own insurance. I don't actually expect them to have much success, but things could change. I don't want to play the billing game with insurance myself. Doing so requires additional staff and headaches. I am willing to limit my clientele to the people who are willing and able to pay out of pocket--or barter--for the help that they need. Do you think I'm dreaming? I think I will have a clientele.
From the AANP news, about CPT coding and naturopathyCollapse )

Questions for Practice Locating Survey
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How do you feel about the healthcare that you currently receive?
Do you go to the doctor?
Do you use the emergency room?

How would you rate your health? (scale)
Do you have a doctor?
What do you think of your doctor?
Is there anyone who really understands your situation and condition?

Have you ever heard of naturopathic medicine?
What do you think of it?

Have you ever heard of homeopathic medicine?
What do you think of it?

How many prescription medicines do you take?
Do you understand what they are for?
Are you interested in understanding your health condition?
more brainstormingCollapse )

Looking for a Location, and Ideas on My Practice
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Seeking Ideal Location for Naturopathic Medical Practice
text written yesterday for Weebly site, pulled today to leave the online presence (with my name on it) more minimalistCollapse )

ITI Residency
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apply in early January for same year starting in the summer
some text from websiteCollapse )

Equipment: Subsonic Electrostimulation
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Mindy's grandmother's husband Don has one of these. He acquired it for about $200 but apparently the machines run more like $400 now. This might be the right version of electrostimulation for my office. I want a tool that will increase tissue metabolism and speed healing, and there are many of them. Don was a massage therapist for many years and feels that this machine has healed him several times. He has also used it on patients who ended up going out and buying their own machine, because they were so convinced. He called it his "chi machine".

info from his unit:
China Healthways Institute
QGM Repair
117 Avenida Granada
San Clemente, CA 92672
also at 1000 Avenida Pico
findings onlineCollapse )

Modalities: Microcurrent for Pain Management and Healing
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text from a handout on microcurrentCollapse )

Seven Fundamental Principles of Medicine
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I Sapere aude
II Praeventum (Docere)
III Primum non nocere
IV Tolle causam
V Vire medicatrix naturae
VI Nunquam pars pro toto
VI Cito, lenis, jucunde, toto, durable, certo, simplex et tuto curare
notes on meanings, from my notes taken at the Naturopathic Gathering 2009Collapse )

Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic
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The Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic has a nice website and a good plan. This clinic has the most firmly established naturopathic residency program in the US, definitely worth applying for. Also their forms which are online are excellent.

this is Dr Margaret Beeson, Medical Director
two paragraphs of text from their homepageCollapse )

Medical Equipment: Emergency Oxygen
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Saw an emergency O2 tank in a yard sale today and thought it's a good time to start listing the equipment I'd love to have when it's time to set up a practice. What else can you think of? I wonder how many of these items I will be able to find used or reduced rate. I want to get my list going before Christmas so that the smart shoppers in my family will have something interesting to look out for. I don't need any more candle holders or sweaters. Not that anyone gives Christmas gifts in my family anymore.
List: just a first stabCollapse )

Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD
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Annemarie Welch, MD, recommended that I check into this doc. Apparently he offers an annual seminar that she highly recommends, and I highly respect her. She preceptored me last week in Sedona. I am excited to go back and spend more time learning from her and observing her practice. She practices something she calls functional medicine. I dig it.
news from 3/09:

Cutting Healthcare Costs, and Avoiding Health Insurance
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These ideas inform my thoughts about how I will practice medicine. There are two articles behind the cut, the first by Michael Cloud with a few suggestions as to how to lower the cost of medical care without incurring any expense to taxpayers, and the second by Carla Howell on being uninsured.
read moreCollapse )

Insurance is not Healthcare
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What passes for debate these days regarding healthcare seems to revolve around varying options for insurance. I heard today that the senate has removed the "public option" from their healthcare proposal. No matter what comes of this confrontation of interests, it can't be any worse than what we have currently. I am not expecting much, though. It seems that too many people are too entrenched in their positions for a single payer system to even be seriously discussed. So we will have a new compromise in which insurance remains the controller of care. Except for in my practice.
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Naturopathy and Herbs in Tennessee
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TWO BILLS FLOATED (but not necessarily brought to a vote) THIS YEAR:
more info on what's happening in TNCollapse )


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