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Equipment: Subsonic Electrostimulation
el salto
Mindy's grandmother's husband Don has one of these. He acquired it for about $200 but apparently the machines run more like $400 now. This might be the right version of electrostimulation for my office. I want a tool that will increase tissue metabolism and speed healing, and there are many of them. Don was a massage therapist for many years and feels that this machine has healed him several times. He has also used it on patients who ended up going out and buying their own machine, because they were so convinced. He called it his "chi machine".

info from his unit:
China Healthways Institute
QGM Repair
117 Avenida Granada
San Clemente, CA 92672
also at 1000 Avenida Pico

online the infratonic 8000 costs $900 and is not the same unit

The Infratonic and Infrasound was developed out of scientific research in Beijing China which studied natural healers and found that most powerful healers were able to emit a strong low frequency sound signal from their hands. The sound emitted from average individuals was only 1/100 as strong. The Infratonic, now used by 2% of all doctors in the United States, was developed out of this research.

What is Infratonic Therapy?

FAQ about Infratonic Therapy.

Infra means very low frequency; tonic means to tone or vitalizing. Infrasound frequencies tone bodily tissues and glands. Relying on the power of sound, Infrasound's ultra-low frequency sound waves (below 30 Hz) increase micro-circulation, reduce swelling, relieve chronic pain and promotes healing.

Completely natural and non-invasive, the body is invigorated and the mind becomes more attuned. The result? A superior pain management system that aids local circulation and nerve communication from the point of pain to the brain. Thousands of enthusiastic users worldwide!

Testing in hospitals and research laboratories found that low frequency sound was indeed effective at increasing vitality, accelerating healing, and strengthening immune function. Feedback from practitioners offers guidelines for applying the Infratonic in individual cases.

Low Frequency Sound Pain Management System - The Infratonic 8000 is a low frequency, electro-acoustical therapeutic massager designed for effective treatment of pain and accelerated recovery. It works by increasing the local circulation of blood, lymph and the activity of the nervous system. The Infrasound activates local tissue, moving old fluids out of painful areas and drawing in fresh, oxygenated fluids to enhance the healing process, reduce swelling and relax armored muscles.

More Effective Long-Term Pain Relief Than TENS - Like TENS, the Infratonic 8000 interacts with the nervous system. But while TENS interferes with the neural communications, the Infratonic reproduces the brain's natural alpha rhythm and synchronizes the signal between the brain and the nervous system, enhancing the body's natural healing process.

No Risk Of Deep Tissue Burns Like Ultrasound - The Infratonic 8000 applies sound waves to aid local microcirculation, similar to ultrasound treatment. But while ultrasound uses high frequency sound which can cause deep tissue burns, the Infratonic 8000 uses low frequency, so there is no chance of excess heat build-up, no problem with metal plates, pins or staples, and no need for an attendant.

Easy To Use - Patients can be taught to use the Infrasound in less than one minute. This eliminate the need for an attendant and actively involves the patient in the healing process, offering high patient acceptance level. Simply applied to the area of discomfort, the Infratonic quickly relieves pain and accelerates recovery.

Drug Free Pain Relief - The Infratonic 8000 can be used as an adjunct to drug treatment or other therapies. It can also be used in any patient regardless of age or weight with no tolerance build-up.

Cost Effective - The Infratonic 8000 produces no costly side effects that require additional patient care and expenditures. Also, the low per unit cost means you can purchase several units to treat patients simultaneously.

Gel Free - The Infratonic 8000 can applied directly to the skin or through clothing, splints or casts without messy gels.

Heat Free - Unlike traditional ultrasound, there is no danger of deep tissue burns. The patient can use the device unsupervised without special concern for metal plates, pins or staples.

Ideal For Ambulatory Use - The Infratonic 8000 is portable. It can be used in the home or office.

Shock Free - With the Infratonic 8000 there is no risk of electrical shock or irritation.

FDA 501(K) Listed and Reimbursable - The Infratonic 8000 is 501(K) listed with the FDA and covered by most insurance companies.

The Infratonic 8000

The Infratonic 8000 is the latest rendition of this type of therapy. Thousands of users worldwide attest to its ability to accelerate sub-cellular vitality, reduce stress and worry ... important keys to accelerated recovery.

There are three patented vitalizing settings:

# FULL: Most effective for accelerated recovery.

# SLEEP: Excludes signals that create alertness.

# PAIN: Excludes signals that accelerate sub-cellular activity, which could aggravate inflamed areas.

The Linear Pulse Modulation transducer offers a more precise signal reproduction with deeper penetration, and a gentler feel. In addition, three user selectable patented vitalizing signals provide greater effectiveness for:

# Traumatic injuries and sub-cellular metabolism

# Inflammation, edema, and intracellular trauma

# Psychosomatic medicine and cogintive processing. Doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and veterinarians are among the many users. Qigong masters are able to focus chi, or life energy, into patient’s bodies and stimulate relaxation and energy. The unique “chaos” circuit delivers low frequency (2-25 Hz) sound waves directly to the area you want.

Nanosynthesis, Chirp Entrainment, Sonic Sequencing and Chaotic Carrier technologies all work together to create highly variable therapeutic signals that repeatedly reposition the body’s vibration system for maximum effectiveness.

Infratonic therapy designed specifically for pain

The SoniCalm 3 is a companion unit to the Infratonic 8000 that focuses precisely on reducing or eliminating chronic pain. Learn more about SoniCalm 3.

Think Before You Pop That Pill

Many anti-inflammatory products may block the production of inflammatory chemicals regardless of whether they are needed for healing, which means the body may be unable to heal itself. The Infratonic 8000 calms cells so they can produce only the needed inflammatory chemicals for pain relief and accelerated healing. This is a truly new pain relief mechanism in place of narcotics, anesthetics, and over-the-counter pain pills.

Product Specifications
# Unit measures 8" x 7" x 5".
# Palm transducer measures 4" x 4" x 1.5"
# Made in USA
# 2-year manufacturer warranty

Portable unit now available!
The Infratonic 8000 is a U.S. FDA 510 (K) listed therapeutic massager.
Please allow an additional 1-3 days for order processing. U.S. shipments only.

Item # 76002
Price $895.00



We are continually influenced by the rhythms and vibrations of sound. Vibrations are a powerful physical force that can be felt throughout our organism and not only heard with our ears. Infratonic tones are very low frequency tones that dramatically tone specific organs, glands and tissues as determined by decades of scientific research.
Infratonic is derived from the word infrasonic, sound frequencies below 100 Hz. (cycles per second), of which those below 20 Hz., are inaudible. Infra means below, tonic means to tone. Infratonic frequencies tone bodily tissues and glands. Infratones can be found throughout the natural environment, but are generally lacking in an unnatural, or man-made environment. Infratones can be found in nature, at the oceanside, in forests, in deserts, etc.
The basic tenet behind sound therapy is that everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. Sound Healing, as the name implies, is the use of sonic, infrasonic, and radio frequency (EM) waves to create balance and alignment in the physical body, as well as the energy centers called "chakras", the acupuncture meridians, and etheric/radionic fields. The sound may be applied by a Frequency Generator, CD Player &/or Cassette Player. We know that the cells of the body contain highly charged molecules which change their orientation and activity, when exposed to certain types of energy fields. In sound, this is accomplished through resonance and entrainment. Studies have shown that sound enters our physical body directly, before being processed by the brain, unlike vision, which must be filtered through the optical centers of the brain first, before we react to it physically. This is the reason why Sound Therapy can be such a powerful, therapeutic modality. Sound can give us immediate access to our natural bodily rhythms, as well as our emotions.
We are made up of predominantly water and bone tissue. When we are exposed to sonic energy, water and bone tissue within us pick up resonance and vibrates our very being. Living systems possess extraordinary sensitivity and selectivity to specific radiant energies - acoustical, magnetic, and electromagnetic. When this energy is in resonance with tissues or glands, it becomes a potential source capable of fostering normal cellular activity. If for example, one has an under functioning thyroid gland, resonant radiant energy applied to the neck area can foster normal function. Disease is viewed as a change in the fundamental, normal frequency of the body. Cure is simply brought about by applying the normal frequency fields.
Through the power of sound we can begin to heal our wounds and replenish our life force, learning ways to reconnect with our deepest inner rhythms , and re-tune the frequencies of our bodies. Scientists have shown that sound and music affect our brain waves, metabolism and physiological responses which can create profound cellular changes. Many progressive clinics and hospitals are now using therapeutic sound and music. Educators are finding sound can accelerate learning, brain activities and help treat learning disorders. Sound is now being directly applied to the body for healing. A search through the internet reveals many activities in these fields.
The primary question in Sound Healing is: what are the correct resonant frequencies of the body? Sound Healing scientists and researchers in Europe have determined frequencies for the parts of the body, as well as for specific imbalances of the body. They have invented instruments which project these healing frequencies back into the body and all report varying degrees of success with their sounds. INFRATONIC SOUND THERAPY are tones below audible threshold of our ears that have profound toning potentials for any and all of our bodily tissues.
Infratonic vibrations are able to affect every cell and molecule of our bodies. As living vibrating organisms, we are changing, transforming, and growing all the time. We are emitting vibrations outward which affect things around us, as well as receiving vibrations from the environment and the earth's electromagnetic fields. There is a continuous interchange and flow of these vibrations, which affect the electromagnetic energies within and around us. We each have a unique vibrational frequency, our own underlying tone, which expresses our life force and essential nature. Our bodies are not unlike musical instruments, that need regular tuning and toning as implied by nature cure. All the different parts of our being express a symphony of vibrations, oscillating and singing in perfect harmony (health), or discordant and causing symptoms and pain (dis-ease). When our rhythms and vibrations are not in alignment and harmony on all levels of our being, physical, emotional, and mental, we fall into states of disease and stress.
Through the power of INFRATONIC SOUND THERAPY, we can begin to heal our glands and replenish our life force. INFRATONIC SOUND can now being directly applied to the body for healing by both audible tones and pulsed electromagnetic fields, using the BIOMAGNESONIC TRANSDUCER II or BIOMAGNESONIC TRANSDUCER XL.

It has long been known that the Heart, Glands, Brain, Nervous System, and the Earth all have their key information by broadcasting at the same extremely low frequencies! The presence of the earth's magnetic field - the Shumann resonance earth tank - can and does not only induce, a Euphoria (alpha-like) feeling, but also yields profound healing waves. These are known as the Earth's background radiation found in nature, but inherently lacking in man's environment of the electromagnetic power grids. For example, entrainment of 60 cycle fields is now known to induce birth defects, is coincidental with high rates of leukemia, and can stimulate cancer cell growth eightfold. Cardiac arrhythmia, the stress precursor to many heart attacks, essentially means the heart forgot how to rest between beats. It's inherent resonant frequency with nature is violated. Data shows that where the Earth grid "frequency locks" with the human heart, at the longest wave length of biology's most intense resonator, the beat goes on. Specifically, we get heart and Earth entrainment at a "resonance caddeuceus" as if the heart was throwing a cascade of energy down the frequency ladder into wavelengths the size of the planet. Wave connections across differing scales of frequencies (called scalar wave after the idea that wave fields can move between scales), is accomplished by a hand-holding between wave lengths based on geometry.
That is to say, only "sacred" (or eternal) ratios open the harmonic information doorway between worlds the size of human hearts, to worlds the size of genes at the smaller end, and simultaneously, the planet earth. Man must be at one with nature in order to survive, and once he/she departs, disease will follow. Astronauts that leave the Earth's magnetic field suffer from demonstrable health complaints, like calcium bone loss, psychic disturbances, to name a few. The body's bones are the grounding antennaes to earth wave, infratonic magnetic fields. The lungs are the ionic conductors of atmospheric electricity, the spleen is the absorber of atmospheric prana (or chi).
We have learned over the last 25 years, that an active intention of a massage therapist or acupuncturist, while performing their art, with select infratonic tones pulsing the patrons cavities or meridians, induces the desired healing response.
You create a morphic, pranic body of living coherence magnetically, electrically (EEG, EKG, etc.), and sonically in the Earth at the moment you are born. Some researchers have found that 'first breath' plants a group of frequencies upon the morphic field and thereby health proclivities can be found in the medical chart. At first breath, you create a literal resonance information path, from the chakras into the Earth's grid and back. Each organ is dependent upon certain beat frequencies in the Infrasonic range. Denial or interruption (stress factors) of these beat frequencies interrupts fundamental biological processes, resulting in organ failure at some point. Just as one would not think of life without vitamins and minerals, biologists are now realizing this could also be true with the earth's unseen electromagnetic and sonic fields.

In today's busy world, frequent and often necessary visits by patients and patrons are difficult to schedule. Supporting therapies such as nutritional products, herbals, and homeopathics have long been used to overcome this impediment to the desired therapeutic response. INFRATONIC SOUND THERAPY now offers a method of active massage therapy on a daily basis. INFRATONIC SOUNDS can be delivered, using the BIOMAGNESONIC TRANSDUCER II or BIOMAGNESONIC TRANSDUCER XL to:

* The Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat, Brain, Spinal Cord, Thyroid Glands, and Eyes.
* The Upper Digestive Tract and Lower Digestive Tract.

NOTE: Please CLICK ON Frequency Chart 1 & Frequency Chart 2 to see the other Areas of the Body on which the INFRATONIC SOUNDS can be delivered, plus the various Health Conditions involved.
One of the secrets of obtaining results with physical therapies is a process known as entrainment. Therapy is applied to the body in order to arouse the healing force. A normal biological flow of ingestion and excretion maintains a balanced state of life. Interruption of either state disrupts the normal flowingness of life. The body in a sickened state is basically 'stuck.' Diseases are generally the combination of weakened organs and the battle of the organism against toxins, accumulated by interruption of the excretion phases (e.g. constipation) and its attempt to counteract and expel them. The role of infratonic tones is an attempt to tone the sluggish organs while stimulating the eliminative organs. Entrainment can be thought of like exercise - it is an activity that should be repeated daily until the organ once again vibrates whole, to its full potential.

If Interested In:
Seeing A Chart On Infratonic Sound Therapy, Then Please CLICK HERE.
Seeing MORE Information About Sound Therapy, Then Please CLICK HERE.

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Infratonic 8000 * SoniCalm 3

Chinese Qi Gong Instruments - Two Models to Choose From!

The Infratronic sound therapy instruments were designed to simulate the type of healing energy measured from the hands of Chinese QiGong master healers. The Infratronic Therapy employs randomized low-frequency acoustic signals in the range of 7.83 to 13.5 Hz. (Alpha brainwave) that are transmitted to the body by means of a hand-held infrasonic sound transducer. QiGong Therapy has been shown to enhance lymphatic circulation, reduction in edema and deep relaxation of muscles and the nervous system. Many Healthcare Professionals including Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Body Workers use Infratonic Therapy for relieving chronic and acute pain in joints, muscles, vertebrae, and for numerous other healing applications. Individuals report improvements over a wide range of areas:

Reduction in Chronic and Acute Pain - which can even reduce the requirement for pain medication. The Infratonic is often effective where all else has failed. Unlike other modalities which become less effective as the body gets used to them, the effectiveness of the Infratronic 8000 increases with time as healing progresses.

Relaxes Muscles - the Infratronic's gentle, penetrating massage action overcomes muscle-armouring & loosens and relaxes the muscles, increasing their range of motion and ability to stretch. It also helps the muscles to stay relaxed in their proper position to minimize pinched nerves and restricted circulation. This decreases the likelihood that residual muscle tension will pull bones and vertebrae back into their old painful position, increasing the long-term value of your therapy.

Relieves Nerve Impingement - chronic muscle tension can cause vertebrae to impinge on motor and sensory nerves which can, in turn, cause muscular tension. This perpetuates the cycle of nerve impingement and may lead to degeneration. The Infratonic 8 can relieve this muscular tension while facilitating nerve function, thereby breaking the cycle and providing long term relief.

Facilitates Deep Massage - tense, armored muscles often prevent the therapist's fingers from penetrating deeply into the body. As muscle groups relax with the Infratonic, the therapist can reach deeper problem areas in the body.

Enhances Local Circulation - capillaries dilate to increase the flow of fresh blood to the area of injury. The lymph system functions more efficiently, transporting away excess fluids. Swelling that often occurs with acute injuries and surgery disappears more quickly.

Reduces Dizziness - those who usually feel sleepy or dizzy immediately after a therapy treatment will often feel more active and clear thinking with the Infratonic.

Improves Sleeping - after an Infratronic treatment, many individuals report a good sound sleep as subconscious factors and mental worries are reduced.

Increases Energy Levels - as pain is relieved, local circulation is enhanced and muscles are relaxed. Many patients report an emotional release, an increase in energy levels and a sense of improved well being.

INFRATRONIC - 8000 - $895.00
U.S. Ground shipping - $20.00. We will match competitor's prices.
Canada - $32.00 - International - $50.00

Note: for international orders, there is a $40.00 extra charge for 220v. conversion.
Ships with choice of rounded palm applicator or shower head style applicator. Please indicate your preference when ordering.

Infratonic 8000 Features

No Risk Of Deep Tissue Burns Like Ultrasound - The Infrasound applies sound waves to aid local microcirculation, similar to ultrasound treatment. But while ultrasound uses high frequency sound which can cause deep tissue burns, the Infratonic uses low frequency, so there is no chance of excess heat build-up, no problem with metal plates, pins or staples, and no need for an attendant.

Easy To Use - Patients can be taught to use the Infrasound in less than one minute. This eliminate the need for an attendant and actively involves the patient in the healing process, offering high patient acceptance level. Simply applied to the area of discomfort, the Infratronic quickly relieves pain and accelerates recovery.

Drug Free Pain Relief - The Infrasound can be used as an adjunct to drug treatment or other therapies. It can also be used in any patient regardless of age or weight with no tolerance build-up.

Three Year Manufacturer Warranty

FDA 501(K) Listed and Reimbursable - the Infrasound is 501(K) listed with the FDA and may be reimbursed by your insurance company.

Infratonic 8000 Combines Eight Distinct Signals for Maximum Penetration and Effectiveness.

These are administered by Three Settings

1 - SLEEP - includes Delta range frequencies and is most effective for Chronic or traumatic injury, acute conditions, and degenerative processes where activation of subcellular organisms is needed to catalyze healing.

2 - PAIN - is most effective when applied locally for dissolving dysfunctional somatic memory, for inflammation, edema, stress, and the chronic results of intracellular trauma. Applied over heart, on bottom of feet, or with sweeping motions along the body. Individual results for pain relief will vary.

3 - FULL - For best results in accelerated recovery, use the FULL setting. The FULL setting combines all of the three signals of our previous model Infratronic 8 and also signals to relax tight muscles, uplift intention, reduce physical pain and reduce worry.

Optional Accessories

Replacement hand-held transducer - $395.00 (rounded palm style or orginal shower head style)
Adjustable Holding - Positioning Arm - $59.95 - 30 inches long with 2-1/2 inch C-Clamp
Conversion Fee - $40.00 - to 220 volts - for overseas customers


The Infratonic QGM is the worlds first Chaos therapy device, with new patent pending technology. It is a low frequency, electro acoustical therapeutic massager designed to accelerate recovery through increased circulation and reduced pain. Its infusion of chaotic infrasonic sound penetrates deeply into the local area of pain or injury, breaking up vibrational disease patterns and increasing activity of the nervous system. The Infratonic QGM activates local tissue, moving old fluids out of painful areas and drawing in fresh, oxygenated fluids to enhance the healing process, reduce swelling and relax armored muscles.
Infratonic Device

Some of the many benefits include:

* Reduced Pain
* Relaxed Muscles
* Relief of nerve impingement
* Facilitation of deep massage
* Enhanced local circulation
* Reduced dizziness
* Improved sleeping
* Increased energy levels

This unit increases patient satisfaction by effectively relieving pain without drugs and does not shut down the nervous system but relieves pain by facilitating nerves to accelerate the body's ability to heal itself. Also induces a deep state of calm mental clarity which helps free the patient from painful emotions and worries and leaves a subtle but profound feeling of balance and serenity. The patented icroprocessor based circuitry produces highly highly chaotic infrasonic sound in the Alpha range of 7.83 to 13.5 Hz.

Completely natural and easy to use, the Infratonic is approved by the FDA under 510K code.

History of Device

Qigong Masters are able to focus chi, or life energy, into patients' bodies and stimulate relaxation and healing. Qigong is a system of physical and mental exercises which has been practiced in China for thousands of years. Up until about 15 years ago, most Chinese considered Qigong masters (those who have mastered this Qigong training) to be mythical story book characters with super-human powers. However, as the Chinese government began to support scientificresearch into Qigong, the few remaining true Qigong masters began to surface, amazingresearchers with feats like killing bacteria in test tubes and causing previously paralyzed peopleto get up and walk.

In 1978 the Chinese began measuring the output from Qigong Masters' hands. Qigong doctors in China, they found, emitted from their hands high levels of low frequency sound, 100 times higher than that of normal, healthy individuals. This device was developed in 1983 to mirror the energetic output that these master healers use.

The Infratronic QGM Quantum was the first patent ever filed in China. This unit has won 3 awards in China, including the prestigious "Outstanding Contribution to Medicine Citation," from the China Ministry of Health. The unique "chaos" circuit delivers low frequency 8-14 Hz, 70 dB sound vibrations directly to the area you want to feel better.

Mechanisms of the QGM:

1. Relieves pain and edema.
2. Strengthens immune function and reduces inflammation.
3. Normalizes autonomic nervous system
4. Relieves some symptoms of heart disease.

1) Relieves Pain and Edema

When applied to sprain of joints, fracture, and arthritis, the QGM has the obvious result of reducing pain distention and edema. It also relieves pain due to sciatic neuralgia, cancer, lumbago, periarthritis of shoulder and stiffness of neck and shoulder muscles. Thus the QGM can effectively treat disease caused by disturbance of blood circulation and can improve local blood circulation.

Patients may feel a sensation of heat, relaxation of muscles, and gradual reduction of pain. This phenomenon may be due to excitation of cells, nerves, and blood vessels around the diseased area. This excitation may contribute to the reduction in pain.

2) Strengthens Immune Function and Reduces Inflammation.

The QGM has a function similar to short wave and ultra-short wave diathermy which strengthens immune function and reduces inflammation. It strengthens metabolism of organs and cells, increasing cellular energy, thus making the immune system stronger.

Diseases such as nephritis, inflammation of intestines and gall bladder, pancreatitis, gas, duodenal ulcer, and infantile dyspepsia, all respond favorably to treatment with the QGM, probably because of this factor of increased cellular energy.

3) Normalizes Autonomic Nervous System.

Where the autonomic nervous system is disturbed, the QGM is often useful. This includes neurasthenia, tenseness of the cerebral cortex, and fatigue.

Research shows that the low frequency signals emitted by the QGM penetrate the tissues and organs, altering the internal environment of cells, improving cellular metabolism, and relaxing nerves and muscles, thus regulating the balance between internal and external environment of nerve cells.

Some scholars suggest that emitted Qi may increase cerebral bioelectricity, balancing cell environment, resulting in disappearance of disease. In traditional Chinese medicine, this corresponds to "regulating the meridians and collaterals”, "Improving blood circulation", and "nourishing internal organs".

4) Relieves Some Symptoms of Heart Disease

The QGM can relieve symptoms such as lack of blood in the heart muscle, arrhythmia, pressure on the chest, palpitation. and shortness of breath for pulmonary heart disease. This result may be due to improved metabolism of cells and improved local blood circulation.

QGM Protocols from Doctors

Soft Tissue Injuries and Pain

The Infratonic QGM is now being used by more than 7,000 doctors in the United States, often for soft tissue injuries and pain. The following protocols are provided by doctors who regularly use the QGM for patient treatment:

Arthritis pain: Dr. Vogelmann prescribes the QGM for home use applied daily to the arthritic areas as required for pain. He has found that this protocol substantially reduces consumption of pain medications.

Breaks and sprains: Dr. Wayman applies the QGM directly over the injury, and where there is a cast, directly over the cast, for 10 to 20 minutes three times a week on high. He finds that the recovery time is lessened dramatically.

Dr. D'Brant has a room strictly for patients with sprains and breaks in which he has them treat themselves with the QGM directly over the area of injury. He uses the QGM over sprained joints and herniated discs, and will often use two QGM'S, one at the complaint and one on bottom of the foot (K-1) or opposite the area of pain.

Where the patient has trouble sleeping because of aching at the fracture site, Dr. Fu sends the patient home with a QGM to use for the first night or two, applying it for 10 to 20 minutes before sleeping and for 10minutes upon waking with the pain. She cautions sprain patients after the treatment, that, while swelling is down and pain is reduced, they should avoid stressing it for several days because bones, muscles, and tendons are still healing.

Carpal tunnel pain: Dr. Schmidt applies the QGM to the nerve invasion (C7-T1), elbow (if painful) and carpal tunnel area for 10to 15 minutes on low. If pain increases the applicator is moved a short distance away from treatment area for about 5 minutes and then reapplied to affected area.

Chest congestion: Dr. Owens applies the QGM for 10to 20 minutes on the sternum and finds that this often clears out the congestion.

Dr. Lovelace uses it to break up mucus. She applies it on high for 10 to 20 minutes until the patient starts to cough.

Degenerative or ruptured disks: Dr. Taylor applies the QGM to the involved disk level for 10 to 20 minutes on high to relieve inflammation and swelling.

Dr. Fu adds that, in case or severe chronic lumbar pain or very low energy, the QGM may, at first, increase the sensation of pain, so advises to keep the first treatment short (5 minutes or less) and on low, even though an initial increase in pain is a sign that the QGM will probably provide significant benefit.

Inflamed scar tissue: Dr. Schmidt applies the QGM directly over the inflammation on low for 10 to 20 minutes and often notes an immediate reduction in redness and softening of scar tissue.

Menstrual cramps: Dr. Wertin applies the QGM on high for 10 minutes along the front line of the body exactly half way between the navel and the pubic bone. He has found that a single application is adequate in nearly all cases to stop the pain.

Sciatica: Dr. Wertin does not treat where it hurts, but rather, places the QGM on high under each foot for 5 minutes. He finds it highly effective.

Sinus headache: Dr. Lovelace places the QGM on the eyebrow on medium for 10 to 20 minutes, until the patient feels it clear. Dr. Fu suggests treating the cheeks and below the earlobe as well.

Temporomandibular disorders: Dr. Kollars gets good results using the positioning arm to hold the QGM at the temple, directed downward to thc jaw and cheek for 7 minutes on the side that has most pain. Then he positions it at the jaw, directed upward from the jaw toward the temple for 7 minutes.

He simultaneously applies another QGM to the top of the foot over the 3rd to 5th metatarsal bones with setting on high, treating 1-2 times per week as needed. The patient always feels much more relaxed and cervical adjustments are soft. Clicking noise in the jaw reduces after each treatment.

Sixteen Clinical Case Studies
by Rev. Richard Sunderlage
(This is a chapter from a report prepared....Clinical Case Studies)

Following are sixteen clinical case studies of patients treated with the QGM Infratonic acoustical massager. Some were treated exclusively with the QGM. Others were treated withthe QGM as an adjunct treatment modality.

Clinical Case study #1

A 69 year old female with multiple complaints: arthritis in knees, neck, back, nervous legs, colitis, low back pain, hypertension, right rotator cuff, sinus pain and congestion, voice bothering (hoarseness, throat tightness and pain), and cataracts. Her main treatment goals were relieving throat problems and improving eyesight by getting rid of cataracts.

Her treatments included acupuncture, nutritional supplements, and QGM. QGM was applied over both eyes, throat, CV6, GV2 and GV4. Changes noted after first treatment: Eyesight improved, right shoulder felt better, better digestion and bowel functions. She felt QGM was effective enough to purchase one to use at home. She reports continued improvement between treatment by treating herself with infrasound therapy at home.

Clinical Case Study #2

A 92 year old female complaining of arthritis in left knee, cataract in left eye, bursitis in right shoulder, heart problems, diarrhea and bladder control problems. She really did not like needles, so after the first three treatments, she was treated with QGM only, with Wan Hua oil to use on her knee for additional pain relief. She eventually, after fewer than fifteen treatments, decided to purchase a QGM to use at home. The practitioner would make house calls to evaluate her progress. He would do occasional Tui Na treatment and Piezo stim on her knee, but her primary treatment was self treatment with the QGM. She has relief from most of her symptoms, with the knee pain her primary complaint. The QGM helps that quite effectively, if she uses it daily. The cataract bothers only occasionally. Now 94, she has had two serious bouts with the flu, and her overall condition is weakened. The QGM has also been effective in relieving her chest pain and heart palpitations.

Clinical Case Study #3

This is the most remarkable QGM story. This 78 year old male had come in for treatments for two conditions: nose dripping when chewing, and left knee pain. He also mentioned his cataract in his left eye. He stated that he had been blind in the right eye for 75 years. At age 3, he jabbed himself in the right eye with his mother's sewing scissors, and was blind in that eye ever since. He could only see shades of dark and light in that eye; no objects or movement. The QGM was placed over both eyes for 30 minutes during his first treatment. No acupuncture treatment was done to his eyes or face. Needles were put into body points, but none in the face, eyes, or head. Only QGM treatment was used in the eyes.

Upon getting off the treatment table, he noted that something was different. He could see more clearly with his left eye, but he could also see with his right eye - for the first time in 75 years. His left cataract was not visible with the opthalmascope, as it was before the treatment. He stated that his vision in his left eye was much clearer than before the treatment. with the right eye, he could see images, and count the buttons on someone else's shirt, but could not see in color. He could see in black and white only. After four treatment in a month's time, he could see in color, and could see objects clearly, but could not read with the right eye.

Noted also was that visual examination of the right eye showed the scar from the injury, and the pupil in that eye was canoe shaped. After the first 30 minute QGM treatment, the pupil was round and the scar was nearly gone After the first four treatments, he stopped coming because he was mad that he could not read with his right eye, even though he could see out of it for the first time in 75 years But two months after he stopped coming, he resumed treatments, and is getting more improvement in his vision.

His nasal drainage is better but not completely gone. He is disappointed in the progress there. This remains his primary complaint. His vision has improved substantially, especially when he can see out of his right eye after 75 years of blindness in that eye.

Clinical Case Study #4

This 70 year old male came in for uncontrolled atrial fibrillation, which could not be effectively managed with drug therapy. His secondary complaints were impotence, left sinus congestion, and cataracts in both eyes. After several months of acupuncture, nutrition, and infrasound treatments, it was clear that the QGM was helping him. Without fail, it would correct his irregular heartbeat within about 15 minutes. He purchased a QGM and uses it at home. He showed the practitioner that the QGM had erased the surgical scar he had on his abdomen. One had to look really hard to see any trace of this scar, which was markedly visible prior to treating it with the QGM.

His impotence problem was getting better and so were the cataracts. He uses the QGM at
home daily, treating his eyes and heart, and also the lower mu points, CV 6, 4, 3, 2 for his

Clinical Case Study #5

This 64 year old male patient traveled a long distance to receive treatment to get better
eyesight. He was diagnosed with macular degeneration, and could not see well enough to
drive. Because he traveled about six hours to get to the practitioner, he stayed in a local motel and came to the clinic for two treatments a day, seven days a week for two weeks at a time. Some of the days, he was treated with QGM only on the eye points, and acupuncture needles for the body points. Within two days (four treatments), he noticed improvement in vision; more clarity, and he could read a little better. He comes for 10 - 15 day course of treatments two or three times a year. He has gotten better eyesight, but not good enough yet to drive again. He has remarked that his vision has not gotten any worse, and he is happy about that. An unusual thing occurred during or after his first course of treatments. His eyes were brown, but now they were a baby blue. His eyesight started improving about the same time that the irises started to change color.

Clinical Case Study #6 and #7

This 68 year old man and his wife of the same age started coming into the same clinic as the man in the above case study, both of them also for macular degeneration. They traveled with the man in Case Study #5 and received identical treatment for visual problems. About halfway through the first course of treatments, they both noticed some improvement in visual clarity. They eventually bought a QGM so they could self-treat at home.

They could both drive, and their vision did not regress, and it did improve, not to where they would like it to be, but the improvement was noticeable. They both reported feeling better all around, with more energy and relief of lesser symptoms of digestive stress and aches and pains. It is of interest that they both had brown eyes which turned to a baby blue, just like the man in Case Study #5. All three lived in the same town and one has to question why these three experienced a change in eye color, while others did not.

Clinical Case Study #8

This 78 year old female is being treated for macular degeneration and secondarily shingles.
After 14 months of treatments with acupuncture, nutrition, and infrasound, she reports that the shingles are still bothering, sometimes being quite painful, and other times not very painful at all. The least painful times are right after a treatment and the less painful times last for several days.

Her vision has not gotten any worse, and she reports that she has better clarity and a deeper
field of vision (distant vision is better) at times, but her better vision gets worse every few days - not worse than it was before beginning treatment, but worse compared to the improved vision.

She is frustrated with not getting better vision consistently, but it should be noted that she does not take her nutritional recommendations seriously. She also does not drink enough water, despite her practitioner's instructions to drink 8 - 10 glasses of water a day. The infrasound treatments were applied primarily to the eyes, and only about half as much to the shingle scar area.

Clinical Case Study #9

This 70 year old man advises some marked visual improvement after a year and a half of
acupuncture and infrasound treatments. He has a QGM at home and uses it faithfully every
day. His right eye has an unusual eye problem which gives him only a partial field of vision. His left eye has macular degeneration and cataracts. Both conditions in the left eye have improved to the extent that his eye doctor measured a 40% improvement in visual acuity. The improvement appears to have really taken hold after he had his own QGM and began to use it for an hour or more each day.

Clinical Case Study #10

A chronic fatigue patient for as long as she can remember this 45 year old female has gotten marked relief through acupuncture, nutritional supplementation, and QGM treatments. She, too, has a QGM at home and uses it daily. She states that she would not be without her QGM. Infrasound therapy has pulled her through many a tough day when her energy level bottomed out. She is able to maintain her mental clarity better during bouts with energy loss, and she is able to be up and around more hours a day. She recovers more easily from her episodes of energy loss. Her emotional stability is greater because she knows she has immediate help available with the QGM. Over the past year and a half of weekly treatments, her overall condition has improved considerably, and her improvement has been noticed by herself, her family and friends, and her practitioner.

Clinical Case Study #11

This 51 year old cancer patient was diagnosed with multiple tumors. She has been bedfast for eight months. Her doctors held no hope of cure. Their goal was only to make her as
comfortable as possible in her last days.

The full story is printed in the China Healthways Newsletter, Volume 7, Number 2. The QGM relieved this woman's intense cancer pain, which morphine could not. When constantly applied, the infrasound waves of the QGM relieved her pain and allowed her to open and close her hands, and use them to feed herself and write, which she had not been able to do for about four months. When the QGM was removed from her, the pain slowly returned and her hands cramped again and she was not able to use them. When the QGM was returned to her, the pain would go away again and she would soon be able to use her hands once again.

The infrasound therapy was abruptly discontinued after an unfortunate mishap in the nursing home. Quite likely during the process of being bathed and repositioned in her bed (she was a large lady and difficult to move in her present conditions) the IV catheter which entered her left arm and carried the morphine into the vessels near her heart, had become partially dislodged. This went unnoticed by the nursing home staff, and for several days, the morphine was diffusing into the vessels of her left arm and pooling there, instead of reaching the target vessels near the heart.

Her arm began to fill with morphine and when this was discovered, she was immediately transported to a hospital 50 miles away to correct the situation. The QGM was left behind at the nursing home. She started having seizures and died within a few days.

One of her primary care nurses at the nursing home commented that this lady had lived a lot longer than anyone had expected, and quite possibly, in the nurse's estimation, because of the QGM.

Clinical Case Studies #12 and #13

Having read the China Healthways Newsletter article mentioned in the previous case study, a doctor phoned in an order for a QGM to be sent to a relative in another state who was
suffering from cancer. He later ordered another machine to be sent to another out-of-state
relative who was also a cancer patient.

In the first case, the patient experienced a substantial reduction of pain within the first one to two hours of infrasound therapy, and the pain was gone within a day or two. That same
patient was soon off all drugs and off oxygen. She did have to be hospitalized after catching pneumonia a few days later, and her doctor ordered the QGM to be brought to her hospital room because it had been helping her so much.

In the second case, information received stated that the patient was experiencing much pain relief from using the QGM, and that her overall condition appeared to be improving.

Clinical Case Study #14

An 87 year old female patient with macular degeneration feared she would soon lose her
eyesight completely. Her doctor said that nothing more could be done. She treated her own
eyes with the QGM for several hours a day. She noticed a marked improvement in visual
clarity and acuity within the first day of treatment.

She has days where her vision gets worse, but not worse than before beginning treatment.
They get worse - less clear and the appearance of some floaters - in relationship with the
improvement she has noticed. Her eyes have not gotten any worse than they were before
beginning infrasound therapy. When her condition seemed to plateau, the practitioner made recommendations of Bilberry supplements.

The practitioner loans her a QGM for several weeks at a time. She advises that during her
times without the machine, her vision is at its lowest ebb. It improves once she starts using the machine again. This may be a case of being able to stop, retard, or limit the furtherance of disease, but not being able to reverse it, due to the patient's age and condition.

Clinical Case Study #15

This 90 year old lady was treated exclusively with the QGM for pain and stiffness in both her hands. She also complained of cracking of the skin in the form of paper cut-like cracks in her fingertips. She self treated with the QGM, applying the sound waves to the painful areas, to the elbow when in a flexed position, and to the heel of the hand with the hand and fingers drawn up. She did the same treatment on both right and left hands and elbows.

The practitioner did not treat her with the QGM. He simply dropped off a QGM at her house for her to use and dropped in weekly to reassess her condition and make further
recommendations. At these times, the practitioner did some light Tui Na on her hands and
arms, which gave her some further relief. The patient credits the QGM with bringing about the improvement. She could tell the difference even as the QGM was being applied.

After several hours of using the QGM on the first day, she advised marked improvement: she was able to open and close both fists, the left better than the right, due to a broken finger in the right hand years ago, which did not heal quite straight. She had not been able to close her fists for probably a year or more, and had gotten progressively worse in the three months prior. She also noted that her pain was gone after a week of using the QGM for between two and three hours daily.

She is well satisfied with her improvements. The only part of her condition that did not
improve a lot was the cracks in her fingertips. This part of her condition did get noticeably better with the QGM treatment, but was not totally healed. The practitioner put her on some nutritional supplements and topical oils for the skin condition. At the time of this writing, the supplements and oils were helping the skin condition, the pain had not returned, and she was still able to open and close her hands easily.

In the next case study, infrasound was the only modality used, with all treatments being done through the patient's eyes.

Clinical Case Study #16

This 62 year old female sought treatment for nervous tension and headaches, with occasional low back pain. The practitioner decided to treat with infrasound only, directing the sound waves through the patient's eyes. No other treatment modality would be used, and the sound waves would be directed only through the eyes.

The assumption behind this is: the eyes tell the organs how to respond to exterior conditions. If diagnosis can be done through the eyes, then treatment should be able to be done through the eyes. If chiropractic works by adjusting the spine to produce changes throughout the body, then why cannot the eyes, which contain nerves which supply the spine, and hence, the rest of the body, be the target of treatment? The only totally safe method of treating through the eyes, other than color therapy, would be infrasound.

The treatment worked. The patient noticed relief of all symptoms during the first treatment. She received a total of four treatments, coming back when the symptoms recurred. Her headaches, nervous tension, and low back pain have not returned since the fourth infrasound treatment.


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Thanks for the article. I inherited an Infratronic QGM (Q4.1) from my good friend and chiropractor when he passed away a few years ago. However, I have no documentation on the unit, only my memories of how Karl used the unit with me. The unit needs a little repair, and I was debating on whether to pursue repair or simply sell it. After reading your article, I think I'll pursue repair and resume use of the Chi machine. Thanks for the thorough write-up.

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