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Notes for a Future Naturopathic Practice

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Looking for a Location, and Ideas on My Practice
el salto
Seeking Ideal Location for Naturopathic Medical Practice

I am a daughter of the backwoods and creeks of the southern Appalachians. My family has been on the North American continent since before America began. My path has taken me far and wide, but soon I will return to the land of my ancestors, the beautiful southeast. Many people in my homeland are sick. I studied self-healing for 20 years, in an effort to remain healthy and to avoid doctors. Now I am becoming one. I am studying naturopathic medicine, and the program is length and rigorous. I have two years to go before I have completed the training and the clinicals. I am older than most of the other students because I have lived a full life already. My name is TG and I was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. My parents are both from North Carolina.

After I finish my training I plan to establish a practice in the southeast. I do not know where yet. Somewhere in the mountains and snow. The purpose of this missive is to collect information about where to practice. If you know of a small city or large town in the mountains that needs a naturopathic doctor, your suggestions are welcome. I am currently considering Cherokee, Brevard, Bryson City, Marshall and Asheville in North Carolina. I would like to locate in Tennessee but the state is legally pretty far behind the rest in allowing or licensing naturopaths.

The Nature Cure can help just about all Americans. We have lost our way. Our traditions are mixed and mangled. Our families are stretched to the breaking point. Our bodies are neglected and tormented. If you feel the stress and terrible trauma of our times, you know what I mean. If you are fed up with paying top dollar for medicines that do more harm than good, you may be ready to try naturopathic medicine. If you are doing everything your doctor says to do and still suffering, naturopathic medicine can help. There is no one pill cure, but there is a way to true health. When I am in practice I will be able to help you understand your condition, where you are headed, and what you can do to change your future for the better. You can choose what you are ready to try.

I will offer completely different options than your conventional medical doctor. The treatment options offered by naturopathic medicine are inexpensive and offer the best odds of total cure. But they are not easy. You have to want to do it. Perhaps you will chose to do what your family doctor recommends. Perhaps you will decide to take your fate more fully into your own hands. Perhaps you will look it up on the internet, buy a supplement, and go no farther. Perhaps you will consult someone like me who is trained and passionate about supporting your inherent life force. When you are running at full strength you can throw off infections, rebuild damaged tissues, find your true path and reclaim your highest level of health. Whatever your choice, you bear the risks and you enjoy the rewards. May you live long in love and vibrant health!

The Six Tenets of Naturopathic Medicine:
1. The pledge of the physician is to first do no harm
2. Inherent in life is the power to heal itself
3. Treat the whole person (not only the parts)
4. Identify and Treat the Cause (not the symptoms)
5. Prevention is better than any cure
6. The doctor's role is to teach the ways of living that yield health and happiness

Thoughts on what I may offer:
--Nutrition including whole foods and supplementation plans customized to the individual's needs and constitution. We ARE what we eat, and voluntary control of our intakes is one of the singlemost powerful tools that we have.
--Movement therapies, including walking, pilates and yoga teachings customized to your needs. If you have low back pain, I have some new ideas for you.
--Herbal medicine, including education on how to grow and process your own medicine and avoid subservience to the pharmaceutical or nutraceutical industry.
--Toxicity testing and treatment: to find out if you have anything dangerous like heavy metals in you, and to assist you in both gentle and aggressive detoxification protocols.
--Diabetes care: type II diabetes can be completely cured, you do not have to take drugs for the rest of your life.
--Aminotherapy: to provide the foundation for balanced neurotransmitters and psychological balance.
--Nonviolent communication: to help everyone to understand each others needs and bring about respect among all people. Love comes next.
--Shoulder care for elders and kayakers: I have a special interest in this particular joint and can help you assess and possibly heal injuries, regain range of motion and strength, and prevent injuries in athletes.
--Brain health: Help PTSD, depression, anxiety and panic. Prevention and later minimization of dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Multiple sclerosis and other diseases of the nerves and brain.
--Vaccine advice: Which vaccines are reasonable to get and which are unnecessary? I study this.
--Emotional Freedom Technique, to help release old hurts and free your mind and heart to engage the present.
--Homeopathy on request only, to energetically/spiritually support total cure.
--Naturopathic manipulation therapies, to help realign joints, release trigger points and relax muscles. Until the state where I practice offers licensure for naturopathic doctors I will not be able to offer this service to clients.


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